Simply the best

We use high quality 22mm mulberry silk


Helps hair and skin to retain moisture

Better Hair

Adds luster while reducing tangles

Chemical Free

Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified. Our silk does not contain the harmful carcinogenic chemicals that most silks do


When the amino acids in silk touch hair strands they rebuild keratin in the hair leading to stronger healthier hair

Simple Wash & Care

Hand wash in lukewarm to cold water.

Add a few drops of your favorite quality shampoo (we recommend any Innersense Hairbath), soak for 3 minutes, and agitate with hands gently. Rinse in cold water, gently wring out water, lay flat to dry on a towel.

Avoid using bleach, do not dry in direct sunlight, do not tumble dry.

Our Story

Gilded Fox is woman-owned, born out of Gilded Fox, a salon for naturally curly hair in Portland, OR. We began selling small batch silk turbans to our clients to extend the life of their wash days and aid in hair health while looking glamorous during sleep. We've expanded into a boutique line of eco certified 22 momme mulberry silk turbans, pillowcases, bonnets, scarves, and scrunchies!

We offer stunning solids and fun prints in collaboration with local fashion designer and illustrator Sarah Donofrio. Sarah, a Project Runway alum and our former salon neighbor, got us started in 2017 making humble batches of 6 or 8 beautiful locally hand sewn silk turbans at a time.

Gilded Fox Silk keeps the environment in mind for every step of the process from the incredible quality of the silk itself to the packaging it arrives in. Our silk is Standard 100 Oeka-Tex certified meaning the fabric is tested taking into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances which may be harmful to human health. You won't find any carcinogens on our silk ever! Our quality products are sewn and packaged at a woman-owned manufacturer out of Los Angeles.

A percentage of every sale gets donated to rotating non-profit organizations doing rad things for social justice and/or the environment.